Remote Jobs

remote jobs

If you’re trying to find remote jobs, it could be a smart move, since according to FlexJobs, full-time remote workers save up to $4,000 a year on commuting expenses. Plus, you could save yourself around 11 days a year on commuting time. Interested? Then read this article to figure out how to find a remote work, how to keep it and how to prevent its mishaps.

Websites for remote jobs


If you’re tired of stumbling upon fake job offers and scams, FlexJobs may be the website you needed to find remote jobs. Here, the job opportunities you encounter have been subject to a screening process.

Plus, you’ll be able to filter the jobs you’re not interested in thanks to the more than 50 job categories available.
We Work Remotely

It’s the perfect website for forgetful job-hunters because it gives you the opportunity to get a daily newsletter on your field or fields of interest.

You can bump into an endless array of remote employment opportunities, such as web designer, programmer, customer support analyst and content marketing writer.

The Muse

This super user-friendly interface makes job hunting fun. Though it’s not exclusively aimed at remote job hunters, you can filter to find work-from-home job offers. It should be noted that besides having the general characteristics of a job offer website, it also let’s you learn everything about each company, from its employees to the headquarters.

How to keep a remote job

Organize your workspace

A messy desk and a messy desktop make for a messy mind. Amid chaos, no one can be as productive as they wished, since the mysterious disappearance of documents and your backup drive can really stress you out.

And what does stress lead to? Mistakes. Take a few minutes a day to declutter your workspace and make sure everything is shipshape.

Communicate with your team

Yes, you may be doing remote work, but you need to create a sense of unity, otherwise, you won’t feel the drive to help your team. Chat with colleagues regularly to make sure everything is working properly, this will help you avoid conflicts.

Go to new places

And not figuratively. If you’re feeling on a rut, demotivated and kind of irritated, you clearly need a change of scenery. First of all, it will help you remember how wondrous remote jobs can be. Secondly, it can be a good opportunity to check out the new coffee shop across the street and, last but not least, you’ll be doing a rewarding activity while getting your job done.

Risks of remote jobs

You may have trouble switching off

Since your workplace often coincides with your home, it may be surprisingly difficult to leave work aside after working hours. To avoid this risk, create a specific workspace within your home which you can actually leave, whether it’s a desk in your living room or a small office in the attic.

Workload may be too intense

Your boss is not there to see you striving to meet deadlines, so you’ll often feel misunderstood. It’s not uncommon for remote workers to work extra-hours.

To at least appease the workload, try to communicate openly with your boss and keep a time schedule establishing how much time each activity takes up.

Saving information is your responsibility

Besides being in charge of your actual job, you’ll need to do the bookkeeping. Any lost document will be on you, so in order to avoid mistakes, stay organized and always keep everything in your backup drive.