Cell Phones for Sale

cell phones for sale

Are you looking for cell phones for sale? Or maybe you’re hoping to put yours for sale. Whatever the case, you need to know where, when and how. Otherwise, you’ll do bad business, and why would you risk it? Check out this article to get all the details!

Where do I find cell phones for sale?

Best Buy

One of the greatest electronics retailers in the U.S is Best Buy, where you can find smartphones for half the market price. You’ll only need to sign in to the website if you’re into online shopping or, if you want to see to believe, go to a Best Buy store.

Useful tip: Go to the store at the end of the month, when Best Buy is trying to achieve its sale goals. Sellers will be much more willing to give you a discount.


Another convenient retailer is Overstock, where you can come across closeout merchandise, that is, products that are in final sale… so they’re pretty inexpensive. This company works exclusively online, where you can search for cheap smartphones and other cell phones for sale.

Useful tip: Visit the Overstock website periodically to get flash deals that only last 24 hours and can save you up to 70%.

How do I get good used cell phones?

Used cell phones can save you a substantial amount of money. Just consider that for a used iPhone 6s with a like-new condition you can spend $225 less than the retail price.

You can get used cell phones for sale on eBay, Amazon, Gazelle or Swappa. However, it would be smarter to try first with your carrier, since it’s a reliable source, you’ll know it’s not a stolen phone and you’ll probably be able to claim if it doesn’t work.

Useful tips:

  • Ask the seller if the phone is unlocked, if not, you may try to ask for a lower price.
  • Pay attention to the state of the phone, don’t get carried away by a cheap price tag.
  • Compare price and condition with the brand new cell phone.
  • Look for included accessories and if they’re not detailed, ask the seller.

How do I put cell phones for sale?

Besides trying Amazon and eBay, you can try Glyde and Iretron, which are websites where you can both buy and sell your old electronic devices. You could also try with your carrier, but you won’t get a very good price, it’s mostly convenient if you’re just aiming to get rid of it and earn at least a few bucks in the process.

Compare your cell phone model with other used phones to define a price. Keep in mind that if it’s in good condition, it has less than two years of use and it’s unlocked, you’ll be able to get more money for it.

Useful tips:

  • Name all the characteristics; buyers consider short descriptions shady.
  • Put your phone for sale fast, especially if it’s a smartphone, since these become old really quick.