Find Out About 10 TRICARE Online Services

TRICARE online services

Like any other health insurance providers which has a very active online presence, TRICARE online service is also a very user friendly one stop shop for TRICARE members. To make the life of a member easier, an insurance provider must help them perform operations at their convenience from home. Some of the major TRICARE online services offered by the insurance provider are as follows:

#1 How to enroll for the benefit online

If you are a new member and a interested individual eligible to be under the TRICARE benefit member, the TRICARE online services has an option for the member to login to the online portal. Depending on various information entered and the membership type is determined and the membership is created accordingly.

It is expected that a member is in current status with the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting Services (DEERS) every year to be enrolled in the TRICARE online services.

#2 How to book appointments

When a member has a need to consult a Primary Care Manager/ Specialist across all the different TRICARE options available like the TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Select etc. Appointments can be made online via the TRICARE online services.

#3 How to view & update Primary Care Managers

If you need to view your current PCM online the TRICARE’s online portal is a very versatile space where all necessary Provider information is available for you to view and update as well.

#4 How to update family members information

If you are a member of the TRICARE and just got married or Divorced then you can add or remove your dependents information from your TRICARE insurance by taking advantage of the online portal.

#5 How to find a hospital/clinic

If you are a TRICARE insurance holder and just relocated to a new location for your assignment then you can take advantage of the “Find a hospital or clinic near you” service based on current location/ Zip code.

#6 How to view an ID card

If you are going to your Doctors appointment and lost your ID card, you’ll need a new copy. The TRICARE online services portal can be used to retrieve a new copy.

#7 How to view your health coverage information

If you want to know if a specialist consultation or a specific service is covered by your insurance, the online patient portal comes in very handy to login and view benefits to know your exclusive coverage information.

#8 How to get proof of health coverage

When in need of a proof of insurance for the new tax rule that has been introduced or any other reason, all the proof of coverage can be obtained by just logging in to your private TRICARE online portal and printing the same.

#9 About fees and payment

Did you just have a recent provider visit or X ray services performed at a TRICARE approved medical facility? Then go online on the portal and make a payment using your account information or a supported credit card services like AMEX, VISA etc.

#10 Learn about downloading claim forms

If you are not a fan of the online repayment methods and need to just submit claims via paper, download a claim form from their website and submit a hard copy to the TRICARE services by mailing the same and get reimbursed.