Where to Find Repair Services Near Me?

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Whether you are looking to get some repairs done to your home, or perhaps need someone to look at your computer, finding good repair services can be a challenge. All too often we pay for repairs only to discover that they are either done poorly or failed to fix the problem at all.

If you are going to trust someone to come into your home, or with your belongings and with your money, then you should expect a certain level of service. We are going to go through some of the most in-demand repair services and how you can best go about finding someone to help you out.

Home Repair Services

Home repair, perhaps more so than any other, is an extremely personal type of repair job. Many people identify directly with their home and are hesitant to trust others with its care. HomeAdvisor.com is perhaps the best place to start when searching for a home repair person you can trust.

With Home Advisor you can search by the house feature or appliance you wish to repair. You will be able to quickly and easily bring up a comprehensive list of the best, let’s say central A/C installers, in your area. Home Advisor also provides you with a  series of handy guides to walk you through these processes.

Computer and Tech Repair

Computer and tech repair services are a bit more of a difficult question than home repairs. Different forms of tech require different forms repairman. The Best Buy Geek Squad does a respectable job with most of the consumer level laptops, cameras and computers out there.

There are some computer repair chains like uBreakiFix which have store locators on their website. These chain stores are typically trustworthy and efficient companies. Double check reviews if you are unsure.

Yelp is also a tried and true source for good repair people in your area. If you cannot find a specialist that suits you anywhere else, there is likely one on Yelp. Read some reviews and see if they sound like a good, trustworthy fit.

Assorted Repair Services

Another site, Thumbtack.com, is more like a peer to peer social network that will allow you to connect directly with pro’s ranging from house painting to personal training.  You answer a series of questions pertaining to your needs and the site matches you up to all the available pros in your area. A great way to hunt down pros for really obscure repair tasks.

Sears also offers a massive variety of repair options ranging from bathrooms to cars and lawnmowers.

Mechanical and Industrial Repair

Pep Boys, AAA, NAPA, Sears, and the hundreds of other car repair companies are so well known I don’t want to waste time going into them. What is less known, but related, are the industrial and heavy mechanical repair services.

Once again Thumbtack is a fantastic resource for tracking down obscure repair professionals. Outside of that, posting ads on sites like indeed.com might help you locate what you re looking for. The more niche your equipment is, the more time you will have to invest in tracking down a pro.