5 Beauty Youtubers You Need to Know

Beauty Youtubers

If you’re searching for tutorials that will help you bring your dream looks to life, you’ve likely tried to find beauty youtubers that share your style. You’ve probably faced the frustrations of sorting through hundreds of different channels and vloggers to find someone that understands what kind of content you’re looking for and the makeup routines that fit your lifestyle.

From glitz and glam to simple but elegant, beauty youtubers cover a wide range of beauty interests expressed by everyday women. If you’re new to youtube and makeup, you’ll want to make sure you follow these great vloggers:

Nicole Guerriero

If you want to find beauty youtubers that will give it to you straight, Nicole should be your go to girl. This vlogger gives easy-to-follow tutorials that will make you feel radiant and confident. She covers all the basics in a way that’s easy to follow, gives accurate breakdowns of drug-store versus upper-end products, and also gives advice on how to keep your skin clear and healthy.

Nicole knows how to get to the point and rarely gets off-track, making her perfect for new makeup enthusiasts. She’s essentially a beauty dictionary, so if you’re new and looking for a good starting point, you’ll find it in her channel.


Hosted by Zoe Sugg, ‘Zoella’ is an extensive compilation of tutorials that cover a wide variety of topics. She started vlogging as a teenager and now, in her mid 20’s, she’s the head of her own beauty line. Her videos are very comprehensive and will give you takes on hair and fashion in addition to makeup. Combine it all with her sweet personality and it’s no wonder why Zoella took the world by storm!


If you’re looking to start paying attention to the beauty of your natural hair, JoyNavon is one of the best beauty youtubers to turn to. She focuses on both natural and protective hairstyles to make sure your hair is always looking fantastic. She’s also great with makeup and gives her perspective on life issues in sessions she calls, ‘Soul Sessions.’ If you’re looking for a youtuber that you could binge all day, JoyNavon is your girl.

Tashina Combs

Tashina is a great vlogger and always has lots of useful content. She lives a vegan lifestyle and only invests in makeup products that are cruelty free. If you happen to be vegan or can’t stand the thought of makeup being tested on animals, this is a great channel to follow.


Finally, if you want to find beauty youtubers who are refreshingly honest, you’ll love ThaTaylaa. This vlogger is completely honest about her makeup journey and how she uses her products to combat the issues that come with having combination skin and cystic acne. If you’ve ever felt frustrated by vloggers who cover their face with foundation before they start the video without doing a tutorial on how to properly cover their blemishes, you’ll love ThaTaylaa’s content. She’ll show you the perfect way to blend your look together and make everything look great.