How to Earn College Credit in High School?

earn college credit

It’s possible to get college credits while in high school and it’s highly recommendable, since they’re advantageous to get the upper hand academically. Besides, it can help reduce college tuition fee as well as the time it takes to graduate. Credits also make the admission officer or admission body, as it may be, view you as a student who is serious about earning a degree. Below are a number of ways to earn college credit during high school. Keep reading!

Advanced placement exams

One of the ways to earn college credit is to register for an advanced placement class where you get to prepare for an advanced placement test. Colleges determine how much credits the advanced placement exams will give you based on your score. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay a token to sit for this exam. You can go online and check for more information about advanced placement exams.

International Baccalaureate exams

Based on a certain rigid curriculum, your school might be one of the International Baccalaureate (IB) schools. You can walk up to your guidance counselor to find out if your school is part of the IB schools worldwide. You could also visit the International Baccalaureate website to know if your school is part of the IB schools. Based on your scores in your final assessment exams for the IB courses, you may also earn college credit this way.

High school and college partnership

Some high schools offer students college-level courses that aren’t too difficult to comprehend. Most times, to offer these courses, a token has to be paid but not as much as the regular tuition fee paid in colleges. Credits that count for both high school and colleges are given for these courses.

Postsecondary enrollment courses

Some colleges offer free courses for high school students. This initiative is most times funded by the college and state programs. The aim of this program is to provide help for students who probably can’t afford the price of tuition. If you qualify for one of these courses, you may get credits that count for high school and for 2 years into college. This is another way to earn college credit.

Proficiency exam

Not convinced with the previous ways to earn college credit? There’s one more! Certain colleges also provide freshmen the opportunity to “test-out” some entry-level courses. You can find out if this applies to your selected college by consulting the college admission officer. You may or may not qualify depending on your GPA or ACT or SAT scores. If you are confirmed eligible to take the proficiency examination, request for the time of the examination so you may sign up as soon as possible..

Before you decide to take any of these courses make sure that the credits will be accepted by the college of your choice. Check with the college admission officer before you make any rash decision. In addition, ask if the college credits are sufficient to fulfill degree requirements for the college major you plan to study.