The Best Work From Home Jobs

Different work from home jobs are available to candidates, regardless of their skill sets or education levels.

Due to the flexibility that work from home opportunities provide, these types of positions are extremely desirable today. While this means that there is more competition surrounding this style of work, more opportunities become available each day as companies make the switch to this way of operating businesses.

More specifically, working from home is a popular option for people who do not have personal transportation or who need to be home to take care of children or elderly relatives.

These remote work opportunities give workers the ability to earn income while working from any place that has a reliable internet connection. Once prospective employees find a field they are passionate about, they can begin searching for employment opportunities that provide them with the location independence they desire.

Can I work from home and still collect unemployment insurance?

Online work from home jobs may be especially appealing to individuals who receive unemployment insurance (UI). Sometimes, remote jobs are available to workers on a short-term or contract-based schedule.

This means that unemployed workers can accept these opportunities to earn extra money and stay engaged with the work force while they search for more long-term employment solutions. Although these individuals are enrolled in UI, they usually can accept part time work from home jobs.

However, these UI enrollees need to remember that the income they earn through these opportunities will affect the amount of benefits they can collect through unemployment.

Whether UI recipients are working from home or reporting to an office for a few hours each day, they must report any income they earn to their designated state agencies on a weekly basis.

Therefore, it is important that beneficiaries keep track of their earnings and accurately report their income on their UI forms. Regardless of whether claimants have part time work from home jobs or in-office work, the amount of income they make will likely reduce how much benefits they receive from UI.

How do I find legitimate work from home jobs?

Once individuals decide that they want to pursue online work from home opportunities, they may be concerned about finding employment postings that are valid. This is a common concern because sometimes it can be difficult to discern a fake advertisement from other legitimate work from home jobs listings.

In any case, job searchers can help to reduce the chances of applying to a scam listing by following general guidelines, including:

  • Finding posts on verified search engines.
  • Researching and possibly contacting the company beforehand.
  • Reading reviews about former employees’ experiences.
  • Checking for duplicate postings on other sites.

What are some data entry work from home jobs I can do?

Remote work opportunities are available in all professional fields and industries. However, some jobs more easily lend themselves to this type of arrangement, such as those that are already based around computers. For these reasons, many companies offer digital work from home data entry jobs to candidates who are proficient in math and spreadsheets. Most companies have needs for these types of employees, and these types of positions are best for applicants who already have experience working with numbers.

The primary role of a data entry professional is to accurately and efficiently input company data into one table or document. As a result, applicants who search for data entry work from home need the following skills and traits to succeed in these positions:

  • Self-motivation: Working from home requires employees to be able to work by themselves and still meet company deadlines and expectations.
  • Detail-oriented: Data entry work requires individuals to accurately enter large quantities of information into various documents. Therefore, workers need to make sure they pay close attention to detail and review their work to ensure it is free of errors.
  • Speed and accuracy: Data entry employees need to be able to quickly and correctly input information into company servers. Individuals who have experience with these tasks are more likely to succeed in these positions.

Is remote work available for creative professionals?

There are various work from home opportunities in the freelancing field for creative professionals who are unable to report to an office every day. With freelance jobs, workers have the ability to complete smaller projects for different companies all around the world. Depending on the professionals’ skill sets, they may be able to find contract work in different sectors. Similar to data entry, many companies need the services that freelancers can provide. Furthermore, these individuals are almost always able to work from wherever they want because they do not have one single company that employs them.

People who love reading and journaling may have freelance writing jobs available to them. Oftentimes, these individuals need to pitch ideas to editors or answer calls for submissions to obtain these positions, and the pay can vary, depending on word count or publication. Similarly, there are even freelance photography jobs that an individual can apply for if he or she has an artistic eye and a modern digital camera. This type of work also usually requires freelancers to send their submissions to editors at online publications or print papers to have their materials published.

Remote workers who are especially tech-savvy may also be able to find freelance graphic design jobs, if they meet the necessary prerequisites. Often, these individuals need to have bachelor’s degrees in graphic design or similar computer program fields. Applicants must also keep in mind that, due to the amount of work that goes into creating an image or a similar product, these contracts may be longer and require more time.

Can I work from home if I do not have a degree?

Regardless of an individual’s educational background, there are many real work from home jobs he or she can apply for. In most cases, remote work does not require individuals to have any specific degrees or qualifications. Similar to onsite jobs, however, workers who have qualifications beyond high school diplomas may be eligible to receive pay increases or promotions more readily. However, there are various professional opportunities for individuals who want to work from home but do not have advanced degrees. Some of these positions include:

  • Virtual assistant jobs: Remote assistant positions are available in many fields. Executives, editors and other senior-level positions may need virtual assistants to complete day-to-day operations. These workers may be responsible for anything from arranging appointments to answering emails.
  • Professional transcription services: Freelance transcription jobs are available to potential workers who can type fast and accurately. Oftentimes, these positions require individuals to listen to recordings and type what they hear without error. While these opportunities can seem simple, they are often time-intensive and are competitive to obtain.
  • Work from home customer service positions: Socially-minded workers can find remote work at diverse companies and call centers. With these positions, workers communicate with clients by phone to help resolve their issues. These jobs may appear simple, but employees need to be fast thinkers and patient problem-solvers to succeed in these roles.