5 Amazing TV Packages for 2018

TV Packages

While many predicted that we might see the end of traditional TV in the coming years, what we have seen happen tells a different story. The increase in competition for conventional  TV packages has meant that the industry as a whole has been forced to streamline and improve their services. In many ways, the  TV packages available for 2018 are better than any we have ever seen before.

Maybe you are looking to make a switch, or are considering getting cable for the coming year. Either way, we are going to help you out with that decision by covering some of the best  TV packages available for 2018.

#1 Dish

Dish is perhaps the best economy HD TV Cable provider. Dish offers one of the best DVR systems, including the Hopper 3 DVR with on-demand 4K Ultra HD,and brings you a whole myriad of channels for a relatively low price. If you are looking for a large quantity of stations, good equipment, and a low bill, then Dish is for you.

#2 AT&T U-verse

U-verse comes chock full of channels, including premium ones. You will never run out of something to watch. This also includes a few dozen HD sports channels, including MLB Network, NBA League Pass, and NFL RedZone. This package is also mobile compatible letting you take your TV on the go with you.

If you live in a qualified area, then you should consider looking into the 550+ (200+ HD) channel TV package.

#3 Spectrum

If you are more interested in the premium channel shows like Game of Thrones and big time movies and can do without most of the other standard programming, then check out Spectrum. Spectrum has a very fair price tag and focuses almost solely on bringing you the best premium channel options. HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Epix, Showtime and more for less than one hundred dollars.

There are still over two hundred HD channels available with Spectrum as well as a DVR system that can store up to six shows at once.

#4 Fios

Verizon’s TV service runs on a 100% fiber-optic network, so it is blazingly fast. The internet, phone, and TV package that is more than capable of handling the demand of the modern world.

The  TV packages allow you a great deal of customization, ensuring you are not wasting money on things you have no desire to watch. Fios also has an Ultimate HD package available, letting you truly test out the latest TVs and fiber optic technologies can bring to the table.

#5 Optimum

A little more obscure but no less valid, Optimum is a solid choice in quality  TV packages for 2018. The value packages provided by optimum give you over seventy-five HD channels, while the higher end deals provide you over 150. Specific Optimum kits will also come with a variety of sports and movie channels.
Multi-room DVR, On-Demand watching options, and a fantastic price point. Optimum is well worth your consideration this year.