Best exchange to buy cryptocurrency in the US


With an exploding space cryptocurrency market, there has never been a better time to jump on the bandwagon. To dip your fingers into the market, you’ll need a cryptocurrency exchange. Luckily, some of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world are in the US.

Pointing out the right exchange to buy cryptocurrency can be a daunting task as one seeks an exchange that fulfills all needs without giving you problems. To find out the best exchange to buy cryptocurrency, here are a few factors one should consider.

  • Safety. Is the website hosting the exchange service secure? To discover, check for the presence of “s” in ‘https://’. Websites without the extra “s” miss an important security layer and are prone to hacks.
  • The transaction fee structure of the exchange. Before you deposit any funds and buy cryptocurrency get confirmation on the percentage of fees, spreads and fixed fees on all transactions.
  • Transaction currency pairs– Does the website/exchange accept Euros, USD or altcoins as a mode of payment for Bitcoins?

Which are the best exchange to buy cryptocurrency in the US

Some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges that allow individuals to buy cryptocurrencies are:


This is the largest and fastest way to buy cryptocurrency in the USA. The exchange charges a 3.99 percent fee for debit card purchases with the coins arriving instantly. Another option is the use of bank transfer which takes 5 days to complete and deliver your cryptocurrency purchase.


This exchange allows the purchase of cryptocurrency with just a debit card. It convenient to small buyers as no verification is needed for purchases under $150. It boasts of the some highest limits for purchase of cryptocurrency with a credit card.


This exchange is associated with Coinbase and offers users an opportunity to fund their cryptocurrency accounts using bank transfer, bank wire or SEPA. In addition, the exchange offers fees as low as 0 percent for their UK and US customers.


At the Las Vegas-based exchange, users can buy cryptocurrency in 150+ different variations. The exchange offers high stability in prices and has fast transactions.


This is a heavenly paradise for bitcoin traders as the exchange provides an option for stop-loss orders. Its set up in a reliable and high-security environment with fast funding and a high liquidity.

Local Bitcoins

Unlike other exchanges, Localbitcoins facilitates cryptocurrency buyers and sellers and allows users to specify a preferred mode of payment. Buying cryptocurrency is done via an in-person meeting facilitated by Localbitcoins. The increased privacy however comes at a higher cost in transaction fees.


It claims to be the most advanced crypto-trading platform. Based in Hong Kong, the exchange offers margin funding and advanced order types among other benefits. It is easy to navigate and highly secure.


Users on BitQuick use this exchange to browse through offers. Once the right offer is found, payment is through direct bank deposits to the seller’s account. This exchange is one of the fastest to buy cryptocurrency at and is physically secure as payment is done directly to the bank teller