Is CrossFit Bad For Your Health?


CrossFit is a fitness program formulated by Greg Glassman throughout several decades. In fact, its CEO and founder was the earliest person in the course of history to give fitness a significant and temperate definition.

CrossFit has many different and endless functional movements and they are always performed at high intensity and strength. All its workouts are founded on operational and usable movements and these motions testify to the best aspect of weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, running and others included.

Aim Of CrossFit

The general aim is to fashion a general, broad and inclusive fitness which is endorsed by measurable, remarkable and quotable outcomes. It aims at building muscle strength, flexibility, speed, agility, coordination, balance and precision. Another aim of this fitness exercise is to challenge the world’s fitness platform patterned for universal scalability.

Positive Aspects Of CrossFit; Why You Should Give It A Try

#1 Creates an exciting atmosphere

Have you ever stepped into any any CrossFit gym before? Have you seen or ever felt the ambiance of the gym? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. Gyms where this fitness program is practised are always filled with loud and energizing music.

The sound of the music and people yelling during their workout are part of what makes “the adventure” interesting.

#2 Promotes a healthy lifestyle

In many ways, this fitness exercise improves your health. For men and women that struggle with excess fat, it helps burn off those extra calories. It also helps solve problems related to muscular hypertrophy.

#3 It helps build resistance

The sport increases the degree of resistance, consequently improving your muscle tone and reducing physiological fatigue. Gradually, the muscles adapt to the pace and keep up to this high intensity sport, giving further room to better physical performance.

#4 Short Workout: Less Work, More Gain

The good thing about this sport is that the WOD (workout of the day) takes only a few minutes. On average, it only takes about 45 minutes.

Negative Aspects Of CrossFit; Why Not Give It A Try

#1 Excessive Training

Some coaches can be over demanding. Most of them tend to push their trainee over the limits which often leads to insomnia, headaches or loss of appetite. Some athletes also push themselves beyond their limit which can pose several health risks.

#2 Injuries

Some exercises are bound to cause injuries in the muscles, joints, or tendons. The risk of injury usually associated with CrossFit training has always been raising disputatious exposition.

CrossFit is often accused by critics of being unsafe, have excessive intensity and tolerance levels, and unqualified trainers.

#3 Lack of Personalization and Programming

Another disdaining feature of CrossFit is that it lacks personalization. Coaches don’t focus on a particular individual but on all trainees collectively. It may be difficult for someone to grow if he cannot adapt to the general fitness routine.

Do You Think CrossFit Is Good For Your Health?

The bottom line is that CrossFit is tough, and your choice will depend on how much you want to challenge yourself. If you already have experience on adequate fitness safety techniques, CrossFit shouldn’t be a problem for you.

So what do you say to CrossFit?