Learn How To Apply For Medicaid

Medicaid is a federal program that provides healthcare services for low-income people. Individuals and families qualify if their income falls at or below the federal poverty line and they meet other requirements.

The easiest way to apply for Medicaid is online. Learn more about the online application for Medicaid and make sure that you are prepared for the process.

Information to have on hand

The first step before you apply is to see if you qualify. There are many websites that list the eligibility requirements for Medicaid.

Not qualifying means that you cannot apply at all. First, know if you meet the requirements in your state.

Then, collect the information needed to fill out an online application for Medicaid. You are required to fill out detailed information about your citizenship, income, employment and medical history.

The Medicaid agency needs you to prove that your income is eligible for their services. They will ask for documents that show your annual earnings and the value of your home or car. Collect the necessary documents that include paystubs, bills, tax forms and medical records.

Learn About the Online Application

Submit an online application for Medicaid in two main ways: through the Health Insurance Marketplace or the Medicaid agency nearest to you. The application process usually starts with the creation of an online account.

This account allows you to save the application and receive updates on its status. Return to this account at any time to upload corrected forms or reapply for benefits.

Then, complete an evaluation using your personal information. Find out if you qualify for certain Medicaid plans and know which services you are eligible for. Use this pre screening test to know the documents that you need for the application.

On some websites, there are additional forms, in both online and downloadable formats, to help you show proof for coverage. Examples include forms that show proof of income, employment and insurance. In addition, the sites are mobile friendly for easy access on smartphones.

An online application does not mean that you won’t be contacted by mail or phone. A staff member from a Medicaid office may call you to correct a form or provide more information. Many applicants must undergo an interview over the phone, in an office or within their own homes.

Find Out About the Downloadable Application

Another option is to download an online application for Medicaid and submit it by fax or mail. Find an application that is designed for residents in your state and updated for the current year.

Place the date and signature on each form and attach copies of any personal documents. Fax or mail the application to the Medicaid agency that is closest to your home. Even if you do not apply online, some agencies allow you to review and update benefits online.

About Online Sources

Applying for healthcare online is made to be easy and convenient. A simple look through a major search engine will lead you to the online application for Medicaid.

Many sites are informational sources that do not provide the actual form. Choose either the Health Insurance Marketplace or your state’s Medicaid agency to complete an application over the Web.