4 Cool Desktop Gadgets for your Office

When looking for cool desktop gadgets that will enhance your office, it’s essential that the items are versatile and practical. Whether it helps to hold your pens, paper clips or organize your documents, a desktop gadget should make your office life easier. Here are the best desktop gadgets to help your get work done.

Tech Tools Hand Pen Holder with Magnetic Back

The Tech Tools Hand Pen Holder with Magnetic Back is one of the most unique pen holders that you’ll see on the market and it’ll complement your desktop. Designed in the shape of a fist, the pen holder is a tool that keeps your desk free from the usual office clutter. Pens and pencils are easily stored in the clenched hand holder.

The wrist on the holder is magnetic, allowing for paper clips and other metallic items to be organized against the surface. Funny with a modern twist, the pen holder is lightweight and simple to move around the desk.

Artinova Wooden Office Desk Organizer

Sophisticated and attractive, the Artinova Wooden Office Desk Organizer is an excellent addition to the cool desktop gadgets category. With openings to store pens, scissors, mobile phones and other large items, the organizer also has a handy calendar for quickly checking future dates. Handcrafted with walnut wood, this is a great addition to cleaning the mess off of your desk. Another feature that makes the Artinova Organizer shine is the knob on the front that marks the current month.

AboveTEK Premium Acrylic Monitor Stand

Making sure there’s enough space on your desk helps you avoid the clutter, and the AboveTEK Premium Acrylic Monitor Stand is another fine option to add to the cool desktop gadgets. The stand raises your monitor and allows the keyboard to be stored underneath so that you can organize and clean your desktop off in a matter of seconds.

With a clear and acrylic platform, the stand is stylish and compliments any office. With the elevated stand, a raised monitor promotes correct posture, reducing the toll a day at the desk takes upon the neck, back, and eyes. Sturdy and capable of handling up to 50 lbs, the stand can easily support lighter electronics like a monitor or heavier items such as a LED tv.

Ideaworks Super Bright Portable LED Lamp

Small and compact, the most portable item on our cool desktop gadgets list is the Ideaworks Super Bright Portable LED Lamp. Powered by 24 LED lights, the lamp provides a enough light for any desk work. The lamp offers three levels of brightness and comes with an adjustable arm that makes it easy to stretch for better lighting.

One of the best features of the lamp is its ability to fold up and be stored away in a drawer. With performance and portability, the Ideaworks Super Bright Portable LED Lamp is a great purchase for those who need a little more light for their desktop.