What is a Sugar Dating Site?

sugar dating site

In this fast-paced world things that were often ‘subtle’ and ‘delicate’ have transitioned to becoming ‘quick’ and ‘to the point.’ One of the biggest changes in this can be seen in the online dating communities that have taken root in society. There are plenty of site geared towards making traditional dating more accessible, but there are also new trends such as that of the sugar dating site.

What Is a Sugar Dating Site?

Sugar dating sites are designed for older men that want to make connections with younger women. To secure these connections and relationships, these men offer some sort of incentive (commonly known as ‘sugar’) as payment for time, companionship, or whatever other service they may be interested in.

There are many different examples of sugar dating sites that can be found on the Internet, however most will display the following characteristics:

Relationships are Conveyed as Transactions

One of the main premises of the sugar dating site lifestyle is the mutual benefit from two parties who may not have interacted otherwise. Many sites will encourage the idea of ‘pampering’ and ‘dating benefits’ to encourage these interactions to meet their full potential.

Both Parties are Encouraged to Be Honest and Open

One of the biggest arguments that is made by nearly every sugar dating site is that these relationships, though suggestive in nature, are more likely to form honest connections than traditional dating sites.

The majority of women use the sites for financial help, while the majority of men are looking for a younger, more attractive partner than they’d be able to find without their financial means. Many sites encourage both parties to be very open with their expectations from the start.

The Relationships Aren’t As Serious

Sure these sites will share their long-term success stories just like all the other dating sites, but they will still emphasize that their service isn’t geared towards a serious partnership. The majority of these situations are seen as ‘short-term’ and ‘mutually beneficial partnerships’ – not a long-lasting romance.

What are the Roles for Sugar Sites?

Sugar dating websites are also different in that they have specific roles for those who join their communities. These roles are that of the ‘provider’ and that of the ‘companion.’

Sugar Daddies

The provider (commonly known as the ‘sugar daddy’) is typically the older party in the relationship. You’ll often see this party as being the person who has recently ended a long-term relationship, or someone who wants to access the benefits of a relationship without making the commitment.

The sugar daddy will typically use money as an incentive for their ‘sugar baby,’ but can also use other incentives such as free products if they are a business owner or a free vacation.

Sugar Babies

The companion (commonly known as the ‘sugar baby’) is typically young, attractive, and in need of financial assistance. The sugar baby is expected to be clear of their needs and expectations entering a relationship with a sugar daddy, as well as honest about what they are willing to exchange in return.